Who We Are
We are currently a small team of like-minded individuals that aim to bring values to the SME based in Ipoh & Kuala Lumpur. We do have clients around Malaysia through our remote support and partners network.

01. Mission

SME need help to adopt IT to stay competitive. However, most SME doesn’t have proper IT Department to rely on. We are here to help.

02. Vision

Inspired to narrow the gap between IT & Business, and to provide practical IT solutions for SME. So that we can be the IT Solutions Partner to SME.

03. Philosophy

We would like to grow together with our clients as partners. Therefore, we aim to provide solutions that are Suitable, Scalable, Strategic & Supportive. 


How We Do It

We aim to be our client’s IT solutions partner, instead of just another vendor/supplier. Therefore, we always hope to bring values to all our prospect regardless of them will be our clients or not.

A win-win business relationship will be much fruitful when we are consider partners and grow together.


Partnership Fostered



IT Solutions Should Be


Suitable to the current state of business, while achieving the objective.


Scalable to grow along with the business, while being flexible enough.


Strategically align with the business, while providing more tactical options.


Supported before and even after completion, while maintaining the same quality.

Partners & Solutions

We Partner With & Experience In

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