IT Consultancy at your service!

About Us

We are an IT consulting firm that excels in providing SME-focused digitalization solutions and services.

Currently serving clients from all around Malaysia, mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Perak, and Melaka.

We aim to be our clients’ IT solutions partner, instead of just another vendor/supplier. Therefore, we always hope to bring values to all our prospects, regardless of whether they will be our clients or not.

A win-win business relationship will be much more fruitful when we consider each other partners and grow together.


We are inspired to provide practical & sustainable business digitalisation solutions & services for SME that will yield long-term results.



SME need help to adopt business digitalisation to stay competitive. However, most SME doesn’t have proper IT team to rely on. We are here to help.


We would like to grow together with our clients as partners. Therefore, we aim to provide solutions that are Suitable, Scalable, Strategic & Supportive. 

Why Choose Us

All our solutions will meet these four criteria: Suitable, Scalable, Strategic, and Supportive.

This is to ensure that the solutions & services we provide are what’s best for the client. Maintaining our integrity as an IT consulting-focused SME Digitalization Solutions & Services provider.

NO TIE-IN – You will have full access and permission to all the websites or platforms. You own it. So don’t worry about being unable to do it in-house or switching service providers later on.

SAFE – Our services are compliant with best practices. We don’t use any pirated or nulled themes or plugins. This is because it’s very easy to get hacked or infected by malware.

CONSULTANCY – All our services come with advice and consultation. You’ll learn more about the process and be able to take it up if you want to in the future when you’re ready.


Suitable to the current state of business, while achieving the main objective.


Solutions don’t always need to be complex to solve your business needs.


Strategically align with the business, while providing more tactical options.


Solutions should be managed strategically for a seamless implementation.


Scalable to grow along with the business, while being flexible enough to adapt.


Solutions should scale up or down according to your business needs.


Supported before and after completion, maintaining the same quality.


Solutions will include ease of access to knowledgebase and support channels.